Data Science Solutions

CONTURN Forward Data Science is a leading consultancy firm in the German-speaking region. We work in the field of Data Science and offer integral solutions to our corporate clients from various industries. We also help you with the planning, execution, realisation and integration of data dcience projects. By linking our solutions with your interfaces, you will operationalise data dcience in your company and this will allow you to have access to your data at any time.

Cross-industry AI supported solutions

  • Process automation of manually executed, repetitive tasks with the goal to save personal costs and assign superior work to your employees
  • Recognising mistakes and discrepancies in variable data and master data (Master Data Management) in order to improve data quality
  • Identifying unknown patterns in connection to changes in business processes to keep the data quality on a high level

Finance service provider

  • Fraud detection by means of variable data and other relevant data
  • Predictive analysis of customer data in the area of customer wealth management and customer lifecycle management in order to optimise customer value
  • Predictive customer care to investigate the risk of customer outflow and propose a suitable renegotiation strategy


  • Control incorrect behaviour and fraud detection in respect of forged recipes, double billing, sham treatments and excessive treatments and misuse of chip card
  • Predictive analysis to predict the lifetime value of a customer as well as determining the risk of possible customer outflow
  • Predictive analysis of the real-time evaluation of all internal hospital data combined with external data (weather, traffic situation) in order to predict the inflow of potential emergency patients, with the purpose of reacting proactively to potential shortages
  • AI supported system to optimise medication inventories and other materials
  • Staff optimisation and resource allocation to reduce shortages

Production technology

  • Failure prediction and recommended proactive maintenance in production
  • Real-time improvement of process manufacturing by means of identifying where resources need to be allocated in order to reduce shortages and processing time
  • Prediction of future demand trends and potential reductions in the supply chain
  • Identifying the primary cause in the event of low production yields
  • Recognising production design issues in pre-production development so as to reduce start-up time and maximise production
  • Detect mistakes and quality issues during production by means of visual and numerical data
  • Determine critical factors to reduce the number of required experiments in research and development

Our understanding of data science

We currently find ourselves in the phase of a new renaissance. The crucial factor why some companies are successful and others are not, is determined by the delicate line of micro AI implementation. In our opinion, a modern, long term data science solution must have 3 essential characteristics:

Service approach instead of technology

Do not mix up artificial intelligence with technology. Rather see data science as a solution on a technical level and then apply it to the current situation.

Benefit from a fully automatic machine learning system, which you can parameterise yourself in order to control the sensitivity of the solution.

Transparency instead of blackbox

Understand why artificial intelligence delivers results and make sure to apply this new insight.


New regulatory requirements exist which require the clarification and transparency of AI based action recommendations.


Our data science solutions use special transparent algorithms which demonstrate which criteria the machine has applied to make a decision.


Integration instead of coexistence

Artificial intelligence does not just support you with the decision, it will also become an integral component of your business processes.


We offer modular data science solutions, which can be assembled into micro services.


With a micro service approach, you will be able to track a long term successful information analysis strategy, which is characterised by its simple extensibility and maintenance.

No matter how you want to implement data science solutions - as a component of your analytical platform for strategic, tactical or operational decision-making or as an integral component within the overall business process - we will take care of all activities. Furthermore, we will be in charge for the management and integration of data science solutions into your IT landscape.

Let CONTURN FDS consult you on your data science project.