Data Science consultation in Frankfurt: Understanding the world through data

CONTURN Forward Data Science offers consultation to corporate clients with data science and machine learning projects and related queries.


We support you in defining your goal and in the realisation of data use cases. Owing to our long-standing experience in the area of statistics and analysis, we guide our customers to successful project results. Our role is to consolidate results and progress in the field of Data Science. Besides, we develop process models to secure a realisation within the scope of analytical activity and integrate the results into business operations.


What we offer:


✓ Data Science consultation

✓ Conception & Prototyping

✓ Model development & engineering

✓ Solutions & implementations

✓ Integration of existing interfaces


CONTURN Forward Data Science is one of the few consultancy firms in the German-speaking region to offer data dcience dervices which include integration. No matter where you would like to implement data dcience solutions - whether it will be a mere component of your analytical platform for strategic, tactical or operational decision-making processes, or an integral component within the overall business process - based on the approach we developed or agreed with you, we will take charge of all related tasks, including the integration into your IT landscape and any service-related support.

Take the first step and get consultation from CONTURN Forward Data Science. Our data science team is made up of highly qualified staff from the fields of statistics, IT, and business economics. Our team will support you with your data science projects and any queries you may have.

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